Seasonal Nutrition for Optimum Health

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Photo: Ian Sane, Flickr

Photo: Ian Sane, Flickr

And here it is – that crisp breeze and subtle shimmer to the blue sky that confirms fall has arrived.  Every season has its charm, but fall manages to dazzle us with impressive dexterity of natures paintbrush and turn the world in to a canvas exploding with colours.

Whether you’re taking long walks in warm and funky new clothes or prepping your yard and garden for the winter, staying healthy is paramount to enjoying this time of year the most.  The shorter days and cooler temperatures are known to cause a bit of a stir in our immune systems, and feeling a bit down or groggy is a common symptom.  As we react to these changes, our bodies require a shift in our diet, and nature itself offers us the best nutrition choices that will serve our needs and keep our immune system strong.

Check out the suggestions in this simple blog about which seasonal foods and spices will serve your health the best this season.

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