Neck Pain. Can Massage Therapy help?

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Neck Pain! Vancouver Registered Massage Therapist

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Why neck pain?  Can massage therapy help?

Neck pain is a general term for a wide range of symptoms, and possible underlying causes.

The culprit?  Perhaps a relentless tight trapezius muscle causing a broad band of tension from your shoulder right up your neck to the base of your skull.  Or a rotation in your spinal vertebrae, causing you sudden discomfort when you shoulder check.  Or the, painful, throbbing muscles at the base of your skull – relentlessly holding on while you type away at your computer.
Neck pain is, or can be, as varied as the people suffering from it. So it can be helpful to determine the root cause in order to relieve it in a way that creates real and permanent change.

Neck pain can be a sign of stretched, compensating, compromised tissue that is adapting to something else going on in your body. Structures adapting by stretching and distorting will tell your central nervous system they are in trouble.  This is often the cause of pain.

Your trapezius muscles may be screaming to you because they are being forced to stretch as a result of your shoulders being rolled forward toward your chest.  This is often from working with your arms in front of you every day.
Those balls of tension at the base of your skull may be crying out because they are being forced into working extra hard to hold your head up in response to another force in your body pulling your head forward.

Who is qualified to cure neck pain?

This is where a Vancouver Registered Massage Therapist can be of service.  A well trained RMT will see your body with educated eyes that decipher causes from symptoms.

To just work on releasing tension in those painful muscle groups will give you welcome relief, but only temporarily. It’s like giving the painful muscles a vacation, but them forcing them back to a job they weren’t designed to do.

RMT’s here at Broadway Wellness enjoy uncovering and working with the root cause of pain, taking the load off your painful neck muscles in a more permanent and structural way.

Your neck pain may require some work releasing the connective tissue in your sternum, and opening up your diaphram.  This will take the pressure off those over-worked and tired muscles you experience, generally, as neck pain.

The manual therapy offered by an educated RMT can be a highly effective tool in moving you through and out the other side of your neck pain.



Broadway Wellness is an integrative healthcare clinic on the Broadway Corridor.  It was founded in 2004, and is focused around a group of Vancouver Registered Massage Therapists.  Broadway Wellness also offers Registered Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Naturopathic Medicine, in Vancouver BC, along the Broadway Corridor.  Broadway Wellness is located at 610-2525 Willow St.  In June of 2023, we will move across the street (West Broadway) to the North East Corner of West Broadway, 900-777 West Broadway.

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What is Fascia?

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Vancouver Massage Therapy: What is Fascia?

Fascia has been a hot topic for many years, at our clinic and in general.  We decided to update and revamp this article from one of our previous blogs on Fascia for your interest.

Under the umbrella of Vancouver Massage Therapy, there are many techniques for working with Fascia. But what is fascia?

What is Fascia?

Vancouver Massage Therapists, who focus on Fascia when working with clients, might focus on this definition:  Fasciae is a very fine and web-like tissue that runs throughout the entire body as one specialized connected system. It envelopes all muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, and internal organs in our body. Fascia keeps our individual internal structures separated, and allows slide and glide (a slippery surface), between structures which we need in order to move our bodies everyday. Fascia optimizes body mobility, flexibility and strength when it’s healthy.


Sock Drive – Please donate New Socks

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This holiday at Broadway Wellness, we are collecting donations of new, clean, warm socks to be distributed by Covenant House in Vancouver.

Every winter our cold wet Vancouver weather poses a serious health concern for people living on the streets.  Open and infected sores never get a chance to heal when shoes and socks are just constantly wet – commonly called “street feet”.  In colder conditions, frostbite is an added concern.

Covenant House will distribute your donations on our behalf to the city’s youth who are in need. Having fled abusive homes or aged out of foster care, living on the streets is the only interim solution for some. During these winter months, our donations are more helpful than ever. Covenant House helps to support and shelter these youth and provide first aid and wound care. Donations make all the difference when they can be sent on their way with a warm, dry pair of shoes and socks- this is where we can help!

I think we can all agree relentlessly cold, damp, infected feet need a fresh pair of socks, and a dry pair of shoes. Gently used shoes are often considered for donation when doing that house cleaning closet sweep, but the donation of fresh socks – as they need to be new – is very much an urgent need.

Please bring what you can with you to your next appointment, or feel free to stop in and say ‘hello’ when you are in the neighbourhood.  The donation bin will be in the waiting room by reception and clearly labelled for you.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays from the Broadway Wellness team!

Wellness Gift Certificates this Holiday Season

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Broadway Wellness Clinic Vancouver

Broadway Wellness Clinic Vancouver

Wondering what to get your loved ones for Christmas this year? Why not give that special someone a wellness gift certificate this holiday season? Broadway Wellness in Vancouver, is a friendly community focused clinic, offering Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology and Naturopathic Medicine. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable and personable therapists who, within their individual practices, share a dedication to helping their clients come back into alignment with themselves and their health. Broadway Wellness offers gift certificates in any denomination and can be used for all treatments that we offer at our clinic. (more…)

Self Care this Autumn at Broadway Wellness

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To keep yourself from getting down this fall, why not make self care a way of life. Taking care of yourself can start with small actions, such as going for a walk, setting some time aside each day away from social media, reading a good book or immersing yourself with a treatment at Broadway Wellness! Here at broadway Wellness, we have several qualified therapists that can help ease your mind & soul while treating your aches and pains. Here are a few examples of ways to enjoy Self Care this Autumn at Broadway Wellness in Vancouver: (more…)