Massage Therapy in Vancouver for Self Care

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January and February tends to be the time of year where people are feeling exhausted from the holidays and frustrated by all of the rain and chilly weather that we receive. With spring still a few months away, you may even be feeling a case of the winter blues. Massage Therapy in Vancouver for self care is a wonderful of way to take care of our bodies and start to feel cheerful again. 

Self care is extremely important to our well being and often gets neglected by all of the other daily routines and activities in our lives. Treating yourself to a massage for self care this winter may be just what you need for your mind and body to start to feel better. Massage Therapy comes with many benefits. A massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing your body to feel fully functional while keeping your mind clear. Regular massage increases circulation and helps remove toxins from your body. It can decrease muscle fatigue and even assist you getting a better sleep. Of course it can also help ease those sore aching muscles. So why not choose massage therapy in Vancouver for some much needed self care!

Here at Broadway Wellness, we have over twenty talented and knowledgeable registered massage therapists that look forward to treating you on your journey to feeling good and functioning well. You can book your RMT appointment here. Or call the clinic at 604-732-5222. 

Acupuncture at Broadway Wellness this Winter

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Acupuncture in winterHave you ever been curious about Chinese Medicine? Treating yourself to Acupuncture at Broadway Wellness this winter may be the perfect way to relax you!

The goal of Chinese Medicine is to attain harmony with nature. It is important to cultivate an awareness of our natural environment and to begin to understand its effect on our life. Attaining this harmony helps to strengthen the immune system and organ vitality, allowing us to stay healthy throughout the year.

According to Chinese Medicine, Winter is the most Yin season. Yin energy represents our dark, cold, slow, inward energy. The Summer is the most Yang season, where yang is yin’s opposite, and represents light, hot, quick, expansive energy. Summer weather is warm and the days are long which encourages us to be more active, while the winter environment is more suitable for resting and recharging. Just as we tend to be more active in the day and sleep in the evenings, winter is a natural season to regain our strength. This is why some animals hibernate in the winter.

The Winter is the ideal time to relax the mind and calm our emotions by looking inward and reflecting on ourselves. It can be a good time to pay more attention to practices like meditation, writing, yoga, taichi and qigong. These practices, along with therapies like acupuncture and massage help us connect to our inner selves and strengthen our depleted organ energy.

Winter is a good season to be more aware of all the ways we are spending our energy. Traditionally, Chinese Medicine guides you to expend you energy on activities that align with your heart, helping to connect you with who you are and your reason for being.

The holiday season usually finds us overextending ourselves. As the new year comes around, it is a good time to renew our focus on getting back to a more harmonious and healthy life. Consider making an acupuncture appointment this winter to help relax and calm your mind and revitalize your strength!

Brian Kushniruk, RAc has been practicing Acupuncture in Vancouver since 2002. He has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), German Auricular Medicine and Laser Acupuncture Therapy, while he is also a National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) trainer. His combination of TCM, auricular and laser acupuncture approaches allow for the treatment of a wide range of issues. You can book an acupuncture appointment with Brian here.

PEMF Therapy at Broadway Wellness in Vancouver

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What is PEMF Therapy at Broadway Wellness in Vancouver?

PEMF – Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields therapy is a non-invasive treatment that produces an electromagnetic frequency to cause cellular action in the body. These energy waves work with your body’s natural magnetic field to improve healing. It can greatly improve the benefits of other modalities, as often, health conditions have multiple components. Acute, chronic pain and overall health can be treated as full body or with specific intention depending on the applications. Therapeutic PEMFs are studied across the world with much scientific research concluding that there is no significant side effects or risk of harm. You can read more about the benefits of PEMF Therapy here.

Mai Holmes

Mail Holmes

PEMF Therapy is now offered at Broadway Wellness in Vancouver by Mai Holmes. Mai is a certified Lifestyle Consultant that uses the iMRS Omnium1 which was researched and created by NASA for astronauts that were leaving earth’s orbit and getting sick. They use the iMRS Omnium1 PEMF applications to match the Earth’s magnetic field properties bringing nearly all 75 trillion cells into harmonic tone. With this holistic approach it enhances the self-healing powers of the body while supporting the biorhythm of the organ clock. Blending these rhythms with natural earth frequencies stimulates the immune, metabolic, neurological, endocrine, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. Scientific studies show an increase in energy, vitality, improved sleep, decreased stress response, reduced pain and overall well-being. Use PEMF therapy to promote healing through cellular restoration while enjoying this gentle, universal approach to treatment.

PEMF is a separate service that is not billable or conducted by a Registered Massage Therapist. To book a PEMF treatment with Mai Holmes, please click here or call the clinic at 604-732-5222 and our front desk team would be happy to assist you.


Upcoming Talks with Dr. Juliet Godsian, ND

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We have some talks coming up with Dr. Juilet Ghodsian, ND as special guest – on the Connections between Vagus Nerve Stress, Emotional Health, and Gut Health See below for more on Dr. Juliet and Links to Talks on OCT 13th & OCT 27th, 2021.

Dr. Juliet Ghodsian is a Naturopathic Physician in private practice in Vancouver, BC since 2005. She has a a background in counselling and social work as well as additional skill sets in energetic body work, intuitive healing, somatoemotional release and trauma clearing. She successfully healed herself from Crohn’s Disease in her mid 30s and appreciates the opportunity to share this learning with others on the path of healing from chronic disease. This journey helped to bring her to a place of deep awareness of the interconnectedness of life and the powerful role our mind and emotions play in our ability to be present and to be as healthy as possible. Please refer to her website for additional information on her life and offerings.

OCT 13th EVENT 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT:

Dr. Heidi Lescanec and special guest Dr. Juliet Ghodsian will explore the emotional connection to gut health.

What we will cover in this group visit:

How negative self-talk wreaks havoc on your digestion.

How this shows up in your patterns, behaviours, thoughts.

Explore ways to heal + love up this self-gut connection!

OCT 27th EVENT 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT:

Dr. Heidi Lescanec and special guest Dr. Juliet Ghodsian will explore the secret Soboteur of healthy digestion: Vagus Nerve Stress.

What will be covered in this group visit:

What is the Vagus Nerve and why is it ESSENTIAL to healthy digestion?

What situations/conditions cause vagus nerve dysfunction and how does this show up?

The naturopathic approach to improving vagal nerve health.

For more information visit

Vancouver Registered Massage Therapist, Sara (Yu-Li) Lee

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We are very excited to welcome Registered Massage Therapist Sara (Yu-Li) Lee to the Broadway Wellness team.

Sara started her career as a massage practitioner in 2009 in Taiwan and continued pursuing her passion of massage after moving to
Vancouver in 2013. Through intercultural work experience, she has perfected her quality of service, allowing for a more personalized
approach to client care. Combined with her passion and interest in health, wellness, and natural therapy made it an easy decision to
become an RMT. Sara completed RMT program in 2017 at Vancouver Career College and has since enjoyed building a dedicated client base.
As a Registered Massage Therapist, she believes that massage is one of the best ways to help others achieve optimal health in a holistic way.
Her priority is alway to tailor her approach while integrating knowledge of massage to best suit client’s needs. Sara has extensive experience
in working with acute and chronic sports injuries, work injuries, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Myofascial release, prenatal/
postnatal massage, and breast treatment. Most importantly, Sara is honoured to be able to help you on your healing journey through her passion for massage.

Sara Lee, RMT, is available Fridays from 8am – 2pm. To book an appointment with Sara, click here.