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The Importance of Vitamin D

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Naturopath’s Tip of the Week: Vitamin D Do you ever notice changes in your health with the arrival of the grey, shorter days? You’re likely not getting enough Vitamin D. As we move through the summer months enjoying the warmth of the direct sunlight, we absorb and store Vitamin D. On average we gain 20,000… Read more »

Stretch Inside and Out

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As the weather gets a bit grey, so can our health. They do call it a “cold and flu season” after all. But we can’t let that get in the way so we do all that we can to keep our bodies happy and healthy. To avoid getting sick, you don’t have to lock yourself… Read more »

Easy tips for avoiding the flu

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Fighting off a flu this season is probably easier to do than you would expect. From flu shots to immune booster, avoiding being in public spaces for too long, and filtering the air there are many a complicated remedy for cold and flu season. The answer may actually lie in what you surround yourself with rather… Read more »