Will Wells, RMT

I believe my role is to facilitate change in the body through interaction with the nervous system. Working with connective tissue such as fascia, tendons, ligaments and bones, we can initiate reduction of restriction, muscle tone and sensitivity, to encourage greater mobility and balance.

I try to approach the body as a whole, recognizing that it is an active system in which nothing operates in isolation. Connective tissue transfers mechanical stresses throughout the body, while neurological signals trigger adaptation in sometimes unexpected ways. We perceive only a small fraction of the sensory inputs and responses of the nervous system, and sometimes asking “why” is less helpful than simply working with what we find through assessment and exploration. As a life-long problem solver, this has been a challenging lesson for me, but I strive to keep it in mind when faced with apparent causes of pain or dysfunction.

When not engaged in massage therapy, I spend most of my time parenting, reading science fiction, and trying to maintain my own mobility through a yoga-inspired movement practice, and kitchen dance parties with my two small children.