So-Jung Kim, RMT

Meet So-Jung Kim, RMT! She is a passionate and dedicated Registered Massage Therapist with a Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy from Langara College. She also holds a Masters in Science from the University of Pennsylvania.
As a lifelong athlete, So-Jung has participated in various sports including taekwondo, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. She has overcome several injuries, which sparked her passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation. So-Jung works with a diverse client base, from desk jockeys to mountain bikers, and uses a personalized approach to treatment. This approach is based on manual therapy and coupled with corrective exercises.
In her holistic treatment approach she incorporates acupressure, specifically targeting general musculoskeletal pain, headaches, stress, and anxiety. She also employs techniques such as myofascial release, joint mobilizations, deep tissue massage, fascial stretch, and muscle energy techniques. Additionally, through client education, she aids her clients in achieving and maintaining their optimal condition and lifestyle.
With a keen interest in Eastern medicine, So-Jung is studying for a diploma in acupuncture. Outside of her professional life, she spends her time in the North Shore mountains biking and cross-country skiing with her spouse.