Rebecca Lash, RCRT

Rebecca Lash provides her clients a feeling of relief and calm that extends beyond the duration of their treatment. She offers a personalized approach that helps with stress management, sleep challenges, digestive issues, and more. As a Certified Bodywork practitioner, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, and Dien Chan Facial Reflexology practitioner, Rebecca combines her various accreditations to meet the individual needs of each client. She has a deep interest in synergizing whole-body healing.  Compassionate and intuitive, Rebecca thrives on giving her clients a healing experience in a fully immersive space that fosters total relaxation. She specializes in bringing balance to the body through a holistic path to health. Rebecca is passionate about helping clients with chronic pain issues – the invisible illnesses that that can take both a physical and an emotional toll. Her various accreditations also mean Rebecca can work with clients who may only be comfortable
with the exclusive practice of foot or facial reflexology and deliver effective treatment that promotes their overall healing and well-being.

Book your visit with Rebecca to experience her versatile, practical approach to healing.  Book online here or call the clinic at 604-732-5222.