Monica Cleland, RMT, BA

Monica is taking new patients again for September 2022 in Vancouver.  Monica is available at Broadway Wellness Mondays 2-8, Tuesdays 9-7, Wednesdays 8-2.

Monica has a small home-based practice in Victoria, BC in addition to her Vancouver practice at Broadway Wellness.  Inquiries can be made by contacting Monica at or visiting her website:

Monica Cleland is the owner and operator of Broadway Wellness, which she founded in 2004. Monica graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2002, where she now participates in teaching fascial, cranial, and visceral-based portions of the WCCMT curriculum. After graduating, Monica continued on to take a wide spectrum of post-graduate courses focused on cranialsacral therapy, myofascial release, and visceral manipulation (working specifically with organ misalignment and adhesions). Monica uses a set of assessment techniques to decipher what areas of physical restriction and adhesion (several structures facially bound together – creating density, lack of circulation, lack of mobility, pain, and discomfort in the body), are presenting with greatest priority. She then treats each client uniquely, and works toward restoring long-lasting balance in a safe, efficient, manner.

Before Monica started her career, she went through a long personal process of resolving her own very serious chronic pain syndrome over a period of several years.  This experience has taught Monica more about the human body than any course or textbook.  It has shaped her life immensely, and comes through in the way she works with her clients.  Monica understands how pain can impact, shape, and distort a person’s life and experience of their reality.  She works to share information and to help people move through their own chronic or acute pain and mal-alignment.

Monica is available at Broadway Wellness alternating Tuesdays (2:15pm-8:30pm), Wednesdays (2:15-8:30pm) and Thursdays (8:00am-2:15pm).  Broadway Wellness is a massage therapy clinic focused around a core of highly skilled Vancouver RMT‘s, with a complimentary focus on Naturopathic Medicine, and Acupuncture.

For any last-minute changes with your appointments please email or call 604.732.5222.