Chris Myers, RMT

Chris graduated from the 3000+ hour Massage Therapy program at Langara College in 2016. While he has a particular interest in shoulder and low back rehabilitation and pain management, in his practice he has seen clients from all walks of life with many symptom presentations. Chris is passionate about client education, whether that takes the form of instructing on home care, finding non-disruptive modifications to the activities of daily life that may be causing issues, or giving a crash course on local anatomy, he is happy to geek out about the body. Chris tends to employ a slow firm pressure during his treatments, but tailors each treatment as best he can to your goals and preferences for the day. Whether you simply need a bit of a relaxing oasis from your life or want to actively work theories you have (or a hybrid of the two!), his genuine, caring nature and detective curiosity may serve you well.

When not at work, he enjoys cycling our highly bikeable city and trails, hiking the myriad options the North Shore (and further!) have to offer, and exploring practical philosophy.