Alexander Litvinoff, R.TCM.P, R.Ac

Alex was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At a young age he met master Liu Ming with whom he learned acupressure Tui Na massage and trained in internal martial arts such as Chen Style Tai chi, Yiquan, Baguazhang and Qi Gong. He moved to Vancouver in September 2016 and completed his training as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Registered Acupuncturist. Thanks to his many years of practice he incorporates mindfulness to offer patients deep presence and attention tailoring each treatment with a warm and integrative approach.

He offers a variety of treatment modalities ranging from Tui na (acupressure/deep tissue) massage, Acupuncture based on TCM diagnostic methods and treatment strategies, cupping (with or without needles), acupuncture and gua sha (scraping). Some of the conditions he enjoys treating the most are sport injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, chronic or acute pain, insomnia, digestive issues and emotional imbalances. He strives to make his patients feel more centered, peaceful and present after each treatment.

He is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and is currently learning Mandarin. You can read more about Alex HERE


Carol Gandra: “Extraordinary human and professional. In all the massage sessions I felt relaxed and welcomed. The best massage in Vancouver!”

Nicolas Gonzalez Thomas “I sometimes struggle with chronic tension and find massages in general to be too superficial. Alex was able to work with the muscles and tensions in a deeper way than I have had in the past, it was a complete full-body reset. I highly recommend Alex’s massages!”

Ilana Wainberg: “Alex is very professional and also a nice person . I had back pains and after some sessions I could feel a relief without taking any medication, just with his massage. I highly recommend his services.”

Alexander Litvinoff

Tai Chi & Traditional Chinese Medicine – 604-401-4944