Sara Utecht, RMT

Sara Utecht will be joining the Broadway Wellness team throughout September and October. She is taking over for Laura Schroeder who is leaving our clinic to move to the Island. As Sara is visually impaired, she does have her guide dog Daisy with her at all times in the treatment room. Most of her clients find her presence very soothing.

Sara is a graduate from the West Coast College of Massage therapy in 2018. She grew up in the UK where she spent several years working in journalism and administration. She first became interested in a career in massage therapy after a back injury while participating in judo. After years of various treatments she found that massage was extremely beneficial. This inspired her to want to help others with similar issues. Sara aims to help her patients achieve their treatment goals as effectively as possible She does this by identifying the underlying cause of the problem then utilises various manual therapy techniques including Swedish massage, trigger point release, and stretching, as well as then providing rehabilitation exercises for clients to work on between treatments. She also takes time to educate her clients on the reasons for their injuries and what they can do to help with recovery and prevent reoccurrence of the problem. In her spare time Sara enjoys keeping fit, running, swimming and going for walks with her guide dog Daisy. She’s also a keen soccer fan, supporting Leicester City in the UK Premiership. She looks forward to treating you!