Ash Brady, RMT

In a world of disconnection and distraction from our own selves and bodies, Ash loves her role as a massage therapist to facilitate a tuning into self.  This was the initial draw to body work and what continues to hold her interest today.  It never gets old, witnessing people really letting go of stress, tension and holding and leaving the office feeling a little lighter.

Ash graduated from Sutherland Chan School & Teaching Clinic, 2011, in Toronto.  Her treatment style tends to favour myofascial release, trigger point therapy and general swedish massage.  Her continuing education has mainly been focused on a field of bodywork/movement practice called Somatics, which emphasizes the internal perception and experience of one’s mind/body.  Simply put, Somatics teaches or re-educates the nervous system how to release holding patterns that cause tension and pain through a series of simple and gentle movement techniques.  Ash will likely incorporate an element of this practice at the beginning, during or end of the massage.

She typically uses what she considers a moderate pressure, and will work deeper where and when needed.  However, we all sense pressure differently so let her know if you need a lighter touch or a bit more.  This is your treatment time, and as such, Ash welcomes feedback throughout.  Please don’t hesitate to let her know if you require any adjustments to make your experience suit your needs.

Ash is available at Broadway Wellness Monday-Wednesday and Friday’s 2:15-8:15pm