Alison Ritchie, Osteopathic Practitioner

Alison has been fascinated with the human body for as long as she can remember. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Psychology and she continues to get excited whenever she learns something new about the human body (which is constantly!). This fascination led to a career in Massage Therapy and now Osteopathic Manual Practice.

Alison graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2008, receiving exceptional performance status. Since graduation she completed a two year course in Biodynamic Fascial Mobilization. She has now completed her fifth and final year of training at the Canadian School of Osteopathy.

Alison’s treatments focus on movement and balance through a dialogue with bones, connective tissue, nervous and visceral systems and craniosacral fluid.

For any last minute changes with your appointments please email or call 604.732.5222.

55 minute treatment – $145.00

Fees includes GST

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