The Broadway Wellness Team

Learn more about each of our massage therapists and their approach to treatment by having a read through their biographies below.

Vancouver Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy includes a wide variety of treatment approaches.  There is a core set of techniques in which all RMTs have been trained, but each RMT at Broadway Wellness uses an individual style and set of techniques which vary in pressure, depth, style, and post graduate training.

Monica Cleland RMT, BA
Michael Scottnicki, RMT
Jennifer Keene, RMT
Marie Arcand, RMT, CIMT
Liz Schaeffer, RMT
Maya Bleiler, BHK, RMT
Amin Aghvami, RMT
Ana Yu, RMT
Will Wells, RMT
Cara Marks, RMT
Chanel Jorsvik, RMT
Kathryn (Katie) Pattison, RMT
Stacey Spring, RMT
Brent Scrivner, RMT (Rolfing)
Mai Holmes, RMT
Sara (Yu-Li) Lee, RMT
Karen Docksteader, RMT
Rachel McCann, RMT
Ian Glass, RMT
Monica MaGregor, RMT
Laura Rivere, RMT
Kitti Ami, RMT
Michele Lyle, RMT
Dana Finnie, RMT

Vancouver Naturopathic Medicine

Vancouver Registered Acupuncture

Vancouver Registered Reflexology