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How does your body respond to challenges?

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Have you ever noticed how your body responds to being challenged physically, emotionally or mentally? By Dr. Shannon Patterson  On a physical level, does your body respond to physical challenges or added demands with the feeling of complete exhaustion to the point of being depleted? Do you feel the need for rest, quiet and silent? … Read more »

Walking Robotics: Amazing Technology!

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Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week While some of technology’s advances haven’t quite worked to our advantage, this one certainly does! Allowing those who don’t have motor control of their lower limbs to stand up and utilize their muscle to avoid potential degeneration can make all the difference when it comes to rehabilitation. With… Read more »

Dr. Shannon Patterson’s Alive Magazine Debut!

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Alive magazine has featured Dr. Shannon Patterson and her expertise as a Chiropractor and a Yogini! The article on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) helps to address potential causes and how to best treat your specific triggers. Read below for a few excerpts from the article: What is Chronic Fatigue? “Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is much more… Read more »

Network Spinal Analysis: An Empowering Way to View and Handle Stress

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Discover a different & empowering way to view and handle stress Dr. Shannon Patterson is a Vancouver Chiropractor practicing Network Spinal Analysis at Broadway Wellness. Have you ever wondered what NSA is or how it works? Shannon gives a great explanation below. Could this be something you’ve been looking for? Read on. There’s No Escaping… Read more »