What’s wrong? How did it happen?

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So, there is an issue at hand, you’re experiencing discomfort. Do you know what you were doing when it started? How is it aggravated or triggered? The mechanics and the storyline help a massage therapist piece the puzzle together to establish the most effective treatment plan. While a treatment does have to allow the therapist to listen to body to a certain degree, the background information regarding an injury makes the message clearer.

These kinds of questions are ones that you will most likely have to field from your massage therapist when you arrive for treatment. The problem arises when the pain or discomfort is left so long before treatment that it is difficult to recall its origin. The article that we have linked below encourages the practice of being aware of our bodies and being able to identify when a change occurs. Tracking symptoms and pain is also a helpful in deciphering the root of the injury. The article below also includes a list of ways in which your body can display imbalance and misalignment. Have a look for more information on why your therapist may ask the questions they do, and what they might be looking for!

 What’s wrong? 16 Signs your Massage Therapist is Looking for

Another question that sometimes seems peculiar to clients is that regarding occupation. Why does it matter what you do for a living? You’ve injured yourself and that’s why you are here, right? Well, if you think about the different stressed the body can experience on the job- this may be perpetuating the injury or causing additional symptoms. Sitting all day, carrying heavy boxes, high stress, reaching or stretching over head- you can see how this changes the neural anatomical position of the body and can contribute to discomfort. There is always a specific reason behind the questions a practitioner may ask you before a treatment, and they are always in your best interest!


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