Welcoming Winter Workouts!

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As the temperature drops and the snow continues to fall, we find ourselves parting ways with the sunny-day seaside activity routines we had established in warmer months. While it might be daunting to venture outdoors on to slippery sidewalks for your usual morning jog, there are lots of exercise options (and warm ones!) to keep you moving through the winter.

  1. Yoga – gentle postures and guided sequences are available online through all kinds of amazing apps so you can practice in the comfort of your own home. Or, pop in to your neighbourhood yoga studio for a class session (maybe even in a nice heated room!)
  2. Resistance workouts – use a stretchy exercise band of your desired resistance for some at home muscle strengthening.
  3. Go for a swim – after a few rigorous laps at the local community centre pool, reward yourself with a warming hot tub, steam or sauna!
  4. Go for a hike – ok, this one is outside but with the canopy cover of those big west coast trees, there might be a little less slippery snow on the trail making for a more enjoyable walk/run than that on a sidewalk. Grab your wool layers, and a travel mug full of tea!
  5. Join a gym – a trainer can help you exercise correctly and advise on stretching and manual therapy (such as Registered Massage Therapy) to keep your body from seizing up in the cold!

We also came across this great article that reminds us to slow down and check in as the seasons shift. It can be hard to find motivation during the months of shorter, colder days so have a look at these Ancient Rituals To Realign Your Body’s Rhythm This Season and see if some introspection might help you enjoy the season.



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