Warding Off Allergies Naturally

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Photo credit: Solaris Girl, Flickr.

Photo credit: Solaris Girl, Flickr.

With our mild weather appearing earlier and earlier in Vancouver, the air is filled with pollen, grass and other things that can trigger your seasonal allergies. Allergy season is particularly bad this year, but with or without over the counter allergy medicine, there are some natural remedies you can follow to ward off hayfever this season.

  1. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water – said to cleanse the lymphatic system.
  2. Neti pots – clear out your sinuses!
  3. Quercetine – supplement for long-term allergy relief
  4. Nettle leaves – can put in tea or take capsules
  5. Probiotics – to build up beneficial bacteria in your body
  6. Local honey – to help your body adapt to the allergens in the area
  7. Diet changes

Starting these natural remedies a few months before allergy season can be very beneficial. Your body takes time to adjust, and hopefully with these you’ll do more sunning and less sneezing!

For more information on natural allergy remedies, read this blog.

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