Vancouver RMT Article: The Fascia Research Congress 2022

RMT Vancouver Fascia Research Congress
Photo Credit: https://fasciaresearchsociety.org/2022.php

The Fascia Research Society (FRS)  supports  collaboration between clinicians, researchers and academicians. This is to further our understanding of the properties and functions of fasciae.

The FRS has been offering a Fascia Research Congress since 2007 in cities internationally.  Boston, Amsterdam, Washington DC, Vancouver, Berlin.  Upcoming is the first Fascia Research Conference since 2018, in Montreal.  Many Vancouver RMT’s at Broadway Wellness have been attending Fascia Conferences through the years.  soSe of us will be in attendance in September.


Fascia is the most pervasive, but perhaps least understood network of the human body. No longer considered the ‘scraps’ of cadaver dissections, fascia has now attracted the attention of scientists and clinicians alike. Yet many scientists and clinicians working in fasciae are unfamiliar or have limited experiences with each other’s work”. (FRS 2022).

Read more on the Fascia Congress upcoming in Montreal here.   Vancouver RMT‘s at Broadway Wellness will be sharing more Fascia based information leading up to, and beyond the Fascia Congress in September.


Broadway Wellness is a community clinic, offering services in the heart of Fairview – at Broadway & Willow. Our clinic was established with a strong foundation in Registered Massage Therapy, and has expanded to encompass Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture, as a multi-disciplinary clinic.

Vancouver RMT Article: 2022 Fascia Research Congress

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