Vancouver Massage Therapy: Registered Massage Therapy for Post Op Recovery

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Registered Massage Therapy for Post Op Recovery and Accelerated Healing


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Having surgery can be a stressful experience that can leave the body feeling tense and uncomfortable.  As the body finds its way to heal from the experience there may be several post surgery pains and aches that can make your road to recovery difficult. Issues can arise such as muscle and scar tissue pain as most surgeries will affect the muscles and tissues in the affected area. In addition, when the body is healing scar tissues can form which can also create discomfort. 

Vancouver Registered Massage Therapy offers many benefits for your post op recovery and care. Here are some of the benefits and or techniques that this article discusses: 

  • Soft Tissue Repair
  • Less Scar Tissue
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Lymphatic Drainage 
  • Transverse Friction
  • Easy, Soothing Relief

At Broadway Wellness we have several Vancouver Massage Therapists who can assist you with your post op recovery. Please visit our website here for a full list of our dedicated and passionate RMT’s! We also recommend Visceral, Craniosacral and Fascial techniques for post surgery care as these are more subtle and gentle techniques to give the body relief.  Before booking in please check in with your doctor to ensure that Vancouver Massage Therapy is the right prescription for your condition. Feel free to check our online schedule here today to begin your path to accelerated healing. 

If you are looking for support and or having questions regarding whether you are a good fit for post care please feel free to call one our office at 604.732.5222 to discuss with our Front Desk team about which Vancouver Massage Therapist would be best for you. 



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