Vancouver Massage Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Management

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Vancouver Massage Therapy Article: Massage Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Management


As we progress further into 2020 there is still a heightened sense of anxiety and tension due to COVID19 and other global issues at hand. Many are experiencing various mental health repercussions due to the current climate which can greatly affect ones ability to manage their daily routines. Having self care management for when the body is undergoing great amounts of stress has never seemed more important than it does today. Creating space in your schedule to have a massage, go for a walk in nature, have a bath, enjoy the company of a trusted friend or making your favourite meal can go a long way in the longevity of your energy levels, as well as increase the frequency of positive interactions in your relationships. Vancouver Registered Massage Therapy has now been widely used for stress, anxiety and emotional distress symptoms. According to this article by Psychology Today “The anxiety-reducing and mood enhancing benefits of massage are probably related to changes in EEG activity, decreased levels of cortisol and increased activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which acts automatically to calm the body and brain during stress.”

In addition to decreased brain activity the immune system response to relaxation and or therapeutic massage is greatly beneficial. Studies have shown that moderate pressure massage enhances the body’s immune response by promoting the production of natural killers cells. Anxiety and stress has been known to have adverse effects on the body and can create long term health issues. According to this article on Medical News Today:

“Anxiety can have a significant effect on the body, and long-term anxiety increases the risk of developing chronic physical conditions. The medical community suspects that anxiety develops in the amygdala, an area of the brain that manages emotional responses. When a person becomes anxious, stressed, or frightened, the brain sends signals to other parts of the body. The signals communicate that the body should prepare to fight or flee.”

Staying in the sympathetic nervous system for a pro-longed period can keep your body in a survival pattern unless properly managed. Broadway Wellness is a multidisciplinary clinic but our primary service is Registered Massage Therapy. We have 19 dedicated and passionate RMT’s working out of our space to assist you with your health and wellness needs. Our practitioners are fully trained and licensed to treat a range of physical injuries, body tension as well as do relaxation massage.

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  1. Alice Carroll

    Wow, I never heard before that massages can help stimulate the immune system of the body. I’m considering to get a deep tissue massage therapy soon because my body has gotten sore due to the workout routine that I started two months ago. It has started showing good results so I’m quite happy about that.


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