Vancouver Massage Therapy: an Intro to Visceral Manipulation 

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There are many different kinds of massage therapy, and as a first-time client navigating the terminology and range of techniques can sometimes be a little overwhelming. At Broadway Wellness in Vancouver, we want to share the wonderful versatility of massage therapy with an introduction to the different styles that our therapists practice.

What is visceral manipulation?

One increasingly talked-about approach is what is called visceral manipulation, a type of manual therapy that focuses on the connective tissue around internal organs. Similar to joints and muscles, the organs can also become misaligned with other parts, affecting the overall movement and functioning of the body as a whole. A visceral approach can help correct this.

Clients may find visceral manipulation beneficial in a number of ways. According to Greg Morling at Massage Therapy Canada, studies show that visceral manipulation has benefits for those with lower back pain. In the article, Morling also explores the mind-gut interaction, discussing how visceral manipulation can have a positive effect on emotional wellbeing. While many life factors can lead to the misalignment or improper movement of the organs, visceral manipulation is a particularly important technique for anyone who has gone through significant physical changes such as pregnancy or surgery.

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Visceral manipulation is a subtle, gentle technique practiced by a number of therapists at Broadway Wellness. Therapists who specialize in this approach and who are taking new patients include RMTs Char Hunter, Jennifer Keene, Laura Schroeder, and Osteopathic Practitioner Alison Ritchie. You can easily book an appointment with any of them through our online booking system.

If have any questions regarding Vancouver visceral manipulation, osteopathy, or massage therapy or if you require assistance booking an appointment, call 604.732.5222 to speak with our Front Desk Team or send an email to

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