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Broadway Wellness: Article of the Week:  Vancouver Acupuncture: German Auricular Acupuncture.

German Auricular Acupuncture is a fairly new advancement in the medical field. Developed by French Physician Dr. Paul Nogier in Germany in the 1950’s. He understood that the brain constantly projects information about the health of the body through the ear. This information is read not based upon the meridians in the body but the central nervous system. Please see photo below for reference.

(Photo of Ear with labels)


“The ear has the potential to tell the entire story of the condition of the body, brain and mind by reflecting any disturbance as an “active” area on the ear …”

Our in house Acupuncturist Brian Kushniruk is certified and trained in this unique and effective modality as well as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. He wrote an article in Medicinal Roots Magazine regarding history, method of treatment and more.

“Active points are treated using needles, electrical stimulation, seeds or LASER. The use of a laser that is capable of different frequency settings will allow for more options in diagnosis and treatment. The customization of the frequency can also allow for more specific treatment as there are specific frequencies of laser light that can be used for different types of ear points (e.g. focus points, internal organs, musculoskeletal tissue, nervous tissue, psychosomatic points, etc.) as well as specific meridian frequencies that can be used for the treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine body points. As mentioned above, the course of treatment is determined by the comprehensive diagnosis which identifies active points, focal points, main and supporting symptoms, the level of importance of those points, etc.”

Brian is curious about how both Traditional and Auricular Acupuncture can work together to create new dimensions of treatment and understanding of different health conditions. He works from Broadway Wellness on Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:30-8:30pm. Most benefit providers cover Acupuncture services, check in with your provider today about coverage. Broadway Wellness direct bills for Pacific Blue Cross, Manulife, Canada Life (Great West Life) and Sunlife.

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