Vancouver Acupuncture Article: Pain Management

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Vancouver Acupuncture Article of the Week: Acupuncture for Pain Management by Brian Kushnirik, R.AC at Broadway Wellness.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), whenever there is pain, there is some sort of a blockage in the system. Whether the blockage is from a physical source (such as trauma or overuse) or whether the blockage is from some sort of an emotional disturbance, pain equals blockage.
Vancouver Acupuncture

Vancouver Acupuncture Article: Pain Management

Physical and emotional blockages will affect each other. In TCM acupuncture, one of the keys to treating pain is to calm the mind. By using acupuncture to calm the mind, the body will be able to more easily help to repair itself, and the use of other acupuncture points will be more productive.


An acupuncture treatment helps to facilitate the movement of energy in the system, thereby breaking up both physical and emotional blockages. Released blockages will result in reduced physical and emotional pain and an increase in vitality.

Areas of the body that are treated can either be local (close to the physical pain), distal (away from the pain), or in the ear (as the ear acts as a microcosm for the body, anatomical and functional points on the ear allow for the treatment of the entire system).

Acupuncture can be an excellent alternative or compliment to pain medication as it has no side-effects, does not counteract pain medication, and unlike most pain medication, it treats the root cause of the pain instead of just temporarily masking it.

Read Brian’s full article here. 

Brian is a Vancouver Acupuncturist who has practiced in Vancouver since 2002. He has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), German Auricular Medicine and Laser Acupuncture Therapy, while he is also a National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) trainer. His combination of TCM, auricular and laser acupuncture approaches allow for the treatment of a wide range of issues including chronic and acute pain, and concerns related to mental health, addictions and PTSD. Besides training in Canada and USA, he has also travelled and studied extensively in China and speaks Mandarin.
Brian’s wholistic approach to healing, compassionate heart, and dedication to ease suffering establish a safe environment for the return of physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Treatments are personalized for each patient, where for example, laser therapy can be used successfully for clients who have an aversion to needles. His extensive studies in qigong, meditation, martial arts and yoga also allow him to guide patients to work with individualized mental and physical techniques to aid in their ongoing wellbeing and health.

Brian is available at Broadway Wellness on Mondays and Wednesdays (2:15-8:15pm)


Broadway Wellness is an integrative healthcare clinic founded in 2004, focused around a group of Vancouver Registered Massage Therapists, also offering Acupuncture, and Naturopathic Medicine, in Vancouver BC, along the Broadway Corridor.  Broadway Wellness moved and expanded to 3 blocks East to 610 2525 Willow Street in Summer of 2019.


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