Trigger Points and Myofascial Pain

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Trigger points are hyper-sensitive, tightened areas that can occur in any of the more than 400 muscles in the human body.  These spots (or nodules) are located within taut bands in the muscle.  They can cause pain, burning, stinging, weakness, numbness, and other symptoms.  They have a unique property called referred pain, meaning they can hurt not only right where they are, but in other places simultaneously. Massage therapy is a wonderful resource for getting muscles back into their most healthy state.

Trigger points are caused by the trauma suffered from injuries and disease, as well as from long term or repetitive strain on muscles from poor posture and repetitive movements.  Physical and emotional stress can aggravate trigger points, as can lack of sleep.  Acute and chronic myofascial pain is one of the major contributors to the pain people suffer from, and is very commonly the result of trigger points.

Take a look at this interactive chart that connects the various muscle groups, trigger points, and the resulting referred pain symptoms.

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