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Why a “BPA-free” label on plastics may be meaningless

We’re all familiar with the buzz BPA (Bisphenol A) has received in recent years due to its prolific presence in plastics, and concerns relating to hormone production, human reproduction, metabolism, and neurological functions. BPA got all the media attention becoming the focus of most studies and finally resulted in a movement for a BPA ban and the proud “BPA free” labels we see on the grocery store shelves.

Where cause for concern arises is in the replacement chemicals used in plastics now instead of BPA – the brother, sister, and cousin compounds – BPS and BPF, for example – have now been shown to be just as bad, if not worse. Labeled as hormone disruptors, the effects of BPA/S/F has shown to have even more significant side effects in offspring. “BPA free” products can still have unhealthy chemicals.plastic-bottle
These chemicals of the BPA family are used to soften plastic- so the more malleable the plastic (eg. a resealable plastic sandwich bag), the more BPA/S/F content. Hard plastics (eg. a rigid plastic bowl) will contain less, so may leach less into the food/drink contained within.

How to avoid BPA, BPS, BPF, etc. entirely? Say no to plastics and canned goods with lined cans. If that’s not quite do-able for you, then try to eliminate storing liquid, hot items, and acidic items as these will cause the plastic to breakdown faster and leach more of these compounds. There are also many alternate glass and stainless steel food and drink storage options.

Above all, with knowledge and awareness of your consumption choices you’re already bettering your health.

Do you think your symptoms could be due to BPA/S/F? Trying cutting out whatever plastic you can and see if you see the difference!

-Dr. Krista Moyer, Naturopathic Doctor



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