The Sympathetic Nervous System Explained

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Our Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) increases functions in increments in response to varying levels of activity.  Normal physical and emotional activity yields a normal range of function.  Upon experiencing stress, danger, or threats to our lives, the SNS increases its output respectively with surges of adrenalin, constriction of muscles, and depletion of nerve impulses.  This ‘high alert’ response wreaks havoc on our bodies, leaving behind a toxic brew of adrenalin and cortisone, leaving a lasting and problematic imprint on our nervous systems.

Network Chiropractic is a gentle form of health care designed to release this stored tension and stress.  There is no ‘cracking’ many people associate with chiropractics.  A qualified NSA therapist will use light touches along the areas where the spine and spinal cord connect, clearing the nervous system of stored tension and stress caused by traumatic events that have accumulated over the patients entire lifetime.

Vancouver Chiropractor / Broadway Wellness Article of the Week


Broadway Wellness and Therapy is a community minded, integrated healthcare clinic located on West Broadway, near Oak Street, in Vancouver, BC.  The clinic has great reviews, highly trained therapists, and offers Vancouver Registered Massage Therapy, Vancouver Chiropractic with Network Spinal Analysis, and Vancouver Naturopathic Medicine.


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