The ‘New’ Anterolateral Ligament

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What was once put out there as a possibility in the 19th century has finally been proved as fact. There is another ligament in the knee that has gone unnoticed and unclassified until now! The anterolateral ligament (ALL) works in conjunction with its well-known neighbour the ACL to provide support on the outside of the knee.

The article Anatomy of the anterolateral ligament was published in the Journal of Anatomy in August and has been a hot topic in health care circles. Doctors were noticing that despite having ACL repair surgery, people were still experiencing discomfort and a weakness. This had prompted studies into why a repaired “like-new” knee would still be posing problems and giving-out during activity. A few years later- ta da!- we have a new (or rather, newly discovered) anatomical structure. As it turns out, those who had their ACL repaired were still left with a related, yet untouched ALL injury that sustains some vulnerability in the movement of the knee joint. Vancouver RMTs often encounter clients with knee pain, and this may serve as a valuable piece to the therapeutic puzzle.

Further studies are no underway to develop a safe and effective method of repair the ALL. They figure this will take another few years but at least we are empowered with the knowledge that it exists. An excerpt from the Science Daily article on this very subject touches on our (maybe overly eager) thirst for advancement quite simply:

The Anatomical Society praised the research as “very refreshing” and commended the researchers for reminding the medical world that, despite the emergence of advanced technology, our knowledge of the basic anatomy of the human body is not yet exhaustive.


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