The Differences Between Tendonitis and Tendonosis

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Photo: Double M, Flickr

Photo: Double M, Flickr

When you think of tendonitis you imagine pain, burning, and decreased strength and flexibility in an affected area caused by the kind of normal activities you get up to every day.  It’s important for you and your therapist to understand that it’s more likely tendonosis that’s causing these classic symptoms so you can move forward with the most effective treatment.

The difference between these troubling conditions is in the suffix of the terms – “itis” vs. “osis”.

Tendonitis is inflammation caused by micro tears in the tendon that occur when it is overloaded with force greater than, or too sudden for, what it can handle.  Tendonosis is the degeneration of the tendon’s collagen from chronic overuse and lack of healing and rest, not unlike repetitive strain injury.  Tiny, repetitive movements, such as typing and mouse clicking can cause tendonosis.

Read here for an interesting and thorough detail of both tendonitis and tendonosis, and how to approach obtaining a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


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