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Potassium Rich Food List, and why it’s so Important

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Many of your body’s systems rely on minerals for proper functioning, not the least of which is potassium; one of the key electrolytes in your body.  Along with another electrolyte, sodium, potassium plays a vital role in the regulation of fluid levels in the body.  This maintenance of electrolyte balance manages blood pressure and proper… Read more »

Does Natural Mean Healthy?

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Recently reading through an Alive Magazine online article they brought up a great point- “natural” doesn’t always mean healthy. In today’s market, we, as consumers, are more conscious of what we are eating and whether or not there is a better option. Unfortunately, the term “natural” is not a regulated one so there isn’t much… Read more »

Misleading “Health Food”

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With a lot of focus being on “low fat” this, and “sugar free” that we are seeing and increase in substitutes for the traditionally not-so-healthy ones. It seems a little too good to be true that there is now a just-as-tasty substitute for an unhealthy product. You know how it goes- if it is too… Read more »

CHFA West 2012

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This weekend the Vancouver Convention Centre will be hosting the Canadian Health Food Association’s West 2012 Conference and Trade Show! The event will include: – 65,000 square feet of innovative products – 450-plus industry-leading exhibitors – a wide range of educational seminars The event is only open to retailers and health practitoners, and our Naturopathic… Read more »