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As the weather gets a bit grey, so can our health. They do call it a “cold and flu season” after all. But we can’t let that get in the way so we do all that we can to keep our bodies happy and healthy. To avoid getting sick, you don’t have to lock yourself away and avoid all potential human interaction/contamination. There are lots of things you can do to be proactive and create a body and a system that is ready to fight off whatever this “season” throws at it.

We have written before about how massage therapy is a great way to boost your immune system. The vast filtration system in the body, know as the lymphatic system, circulates fluid that filters and traps toxins and pathogens and facilitates their excretion. Massage therapy helps to keep this fluid circulating and breakup/loosen any blockages that may have formed. Blockages will both allow for waste to build up, and inhibit immune cells from patrolling and protecting the body which is when you can really start to feel those pesky cold and flu symptoms. Well, in addition to a relaxing and therapeutic massage you can in fact incorporate some basic stretches into your routine at home that can also help to keep your lymph fluid flowing.

Lots of these stretches have foundations in yoga. We’ve include the key stretches below but also have a look at the article to learn more: Detoxifying Stretches to Boost Immunity.

  1. Head Hang
  2. V-Shape Legs
  3. Crescent Stretch
  4. Torso Stretch
  5. Active Breathing
  6. Floor Angel
  7. Leg Swing
  8. Cross-Country Arms

Through these stretches, you can target the entire lymph system and keep your defenses on high alert!

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