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 Drriss & Marrionn, Flickr

Drriss & Marrionn, Flickr

When our bodies experience physical, emotional, or chemical stress that breaches what we can handle, it is imposed on our organs, tissues, and nervous system as stored trauma.  This can cause our bodies to engage a defensive posture, triggering us to move in a direction of physical impairment, a compounding deficiency in adapting to incoming stress, less than ideal lifestyle choices, and a deterioration of overall health, wellness, and quality of life.  Instead of enjoying positive growth and development, we may become hindered by a more urgent and energy taxing mode of survival.

Network Spinal Analysis, or NSA, is a style of chiropractic in which gentle contact is applied to the areas where the spine and neural gateways interconnect with the goal of releasing stored trauma in the nervous system.  There is no ‘cracking’ many people associate with chiropractic care.  Successful treatment allows the body to shift from a stress induced defensive posture to one of openness and expansion, allowing us to regain our full ability to make better for our body, well being, and happiness.

Here’s a little more reading about stored trauma.

Vancouver Chiropractor Article of the Week


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