So we made some changes to our website …

To start, we got ourselves a new url address – the old one ( will get you there, and will always be there for you to use… But it was very similar to that of another clinic just down the road, which has been creating some confusion – so we decided to create a new one, one that reflects who we are: it’s

We’re on Broadway, a core group of us do massage, and we do other therapy too – so it’s perfect for us, and we’d love for you to come find us using as our new preferred choice, any time.

We had our affiliate graphic designer, talented Kyle from Popgun Media ( build us a brand new website a few months ago, along with a new look and logo. The logo represents a tree, here’s why: we as therapists kind of feel like branches of the same tree sometimes: we differ slightly in our therapy and approach – yet we share the common goal of helping   people heal.


Lastly, we realized we want to share more with you – so we decided to start blogging – a little more often. You’ll notice some categories in our blog that allow you to decide between searching general news, promotions, and current events / multi-disciplinary healthcare at broadway wellness / massage therapy at broadway wellness: health tips, news, and articles. If you find articles you like, you can now instantly share them with your friends through facebook. Check out our “pain in the neck” article for a start if you’d like.

That’s all for changes .. for now. We wish you all the best this spring and summer, and invite you to come visit in the weeks and months to come.


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