Should you see a naturopathic doctor?

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At Broadway Wellness we are lucky enough to have, not one, but two amazing Naturopathic Doctors. They have a few basic questions for you to ask yourself in an effort to help establish your path for lifelong health.

Are you waking up refreshed?
Is your energy consistent throughout the day?
Do the vitamins you take actually make you feel better?
Are you hormonally balanced? Should your levels be tested?
Are your symptoms being caused by hidden food allergies or sensitivities?

Naturopathic doctors work with you to find and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms. Your first session includes 1-2 hours in which treatment plans are put together to specifically meet your health and wellness needs, in addition to your 1 hour consult. If you would like to make your appointment to see a Naturopathic Doctor, please call us today 604-732-5222. It often goes unnoticed that Naturopathic treatments are covered by many extended health care plans- make sure to check your coverage details!

Broadway Wellness is a friendly and community focused, Vancouver massage therapy based clinic, with additional focus on naturopathic medicine, and as a chiropractic clinic, offering services in a beautiful and expansive centre, conveniently located in the heart of Fairview – near Broadway & Oak, in Vancouver BC, Canada.

One Response to “Should you see a naturopathic doctor?”

  1. Manny Patel


    I remember reading an interesting article about one of your naturopaths writing about scar tissues in women who had undergone Cesarian surgical procedures, and how she had managed to help her with the resultant scar tissues.

    I have scar tissues in my abdominal area due to successive surgeries after an hernia procedure. Is there any way you may be able to help me?

    Thank you.


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