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RMT Vancouver – Active release Therapy – ART 

Here at Broadway Wellness, our therapists are trained in many different types of massage techniques. Registered Massage Therapist, Michael Scottnicki, also specializes in Active Release Therapy – ART. 


What is ART?

ART – Active Release Therapy, is a movement based massage technique that corrects soft tissue restrictions that cause pain and mobility issues. This treatment breaks down scar tissue in order to optimise function throughout the body. ART was developed in the 1980’s by Colorado Sports Chiropractor Mike Leahy. It very quickly became a go to method for professional athletes before becoming an everyday use method used by the general public. 


How is ART different from other massage techniques? 

ART has a unique approach, it involves over 500 specific manual therapy techniques that therapists learn to assess and treat restrictions in soft tissue. Your therapist will assess which specific muscles to target and find the scar tissues that are causing the issues. This is done by starting with the muscle in a shortened position as the practitioner traps the scar tissues under their fingers or thumbs, then the muscle is fully lengthened. Patients can sometimes feel a little sore the day after treatment, but the day after that, they often report a significant decrease in the pain they were having. 


What conditions can be treated with ART?

Active Release Therapy (ART) can target restrictions that are caused by chronic and acute pain. Benefits include, a decrease of pain in the affected area as well as increased strength and mobility. Active Release Therapy is ideal for individuals with conditions related to overworked muscles such as: 

Lower back pain

Neck pain 

Shin splints 

Shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder


Sports injuries 

Michael Scottnicki’s Referral Program for ART Therapy

If you refer someone to Michael for ART Therapy and they book an initial appointment with him, you will receive 10% off your next ART treatment with Michael and the person you referred will also receive 10% off their first ART Therapy visit with Michael. Please be sure to mention who referred him to you when booking your appointment. Michael is also offering 10% off initial ART Therapy appointments from now until the end of May 2021. Please note that this discount is for ART Therapy treatments only. 

RMT Vancouver, Michael Scottnicki is available at Broadway Wellness on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. He is also available for ART Therapy treatments. To book an appointment with Michael, click here


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