Well-Being and Massage Amidst a Changing Environment

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Our environment plays a significant role in our overall well-being.

People are drawn to Vancouver by the love of nature and to connect deeply to the stunning landscapes that surround them here.  Summer in Vancouver can sometimes also bring acute and unusual changes, like heat and drought.  When the heat intensifies and the rain clouds disappear for too long, it’s natural for environmental anxiety to surface.  Worrying about climate change and the impact on our region can take a subtle toll on the undercurrent of our mental and emotional wellbeing for some of us.

Being able to recognize underlying causes of stress and anxiety, and knowing what to do about them, is a helpful skill to have in our modern world.

Massage therapy is one powerful tool for stress reduction and relaxation.  By carving out the time to see a Vancouver registered massage therapist, we can create a space for ourselves to decompress and find some well needed peace amidst chaos and uncertainty.

Massage therapy offers many physiological benefits that can counteract the effects of stress on our bodies and minds.  By prioritizing this indispensable form of self care, we add to our arsenal the strength and resilience necessary to adapt to a changing environment.  Reach out to a Vancouver RMT and gift yourself the therapeutic benefits of a one on one appointment.  Book today at Broadway Wellness with one of our many highly skilled and in-demand Registered Massage Therapists, and invest in your tool kit of self care.

Founded in 2004, Broadway Wellness is a multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic with a focus on a team of Vancouver Registered Massage Therapists.  We also offer Reflexology, Naturopathic Medicine, and Registered Acupuncture.  We are located at Broadway and Willow in the heart of the Broadway Corridor in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.  You can view our therapists here.  To book an appointment online, please click here.




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