Relieving whiplash with massage therapy

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Photo Credit: San Diego Personal Injuries

Photo Credit: San Diego Personal Injuries

Whiplash – what a pain in the neck… literally!

When you hear the word “whiplash”, you probably think about car accidents. And you’d be right – about 20% of people who have been in car accidents experience whiplash. But there are a lot of other activities that can cause whiplash, especially if you live an active Vancouver lifestyle and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Any sudden motion that causes your head to be thrown forward, and then backward can cause strain on the muscles and, if left un-treated, morph into chronic pain – massage therapy can help.

If you are feeling any pain or tension in the neck, shoulders, or between the shoulder blades, you may be experiencing whiplash. Other symptoms might include headaches, lower back pain, and aching or numbness in your extremities.

Massage  can help by relaxing the muscles and relieving tension and numbness. Not only that, but by massaging the muscles, the amount of oxygen that is being circulated through the tissues can be increased and the healing process can be expedited. Techniques such as myofascial massage (which targets connective tissues) and trigger point therapy can target specific areas and release tension.

Read this interesting article about how massage therapy can help ease whiplash pain.

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