Relieving Children’s Headaches

With easy access to health care sometimes we take advantage of the abundance of resources. Emergency medical diagnostics such as CT and MRI scans provide an amazing opportunity to have a look at our insides – the intention being that when more standard, external examinations provide no clues for cures we have more complex options for exploration.A recent article brought to light the high percentage of children who are brought to doctors and emergency rooms ailing from headaches. No sooner do they walk through the door are they being sent for a CT scan or a MRI. The author of the article, a pediatrician, is hoping to educate people as to common causes of headaches in children and alternative avenues to explore before these potentially harmful scans are done. She has also expressed some more serious symptoms to look for which may indicate more of a medical emergency.

Photo credit: Ryan Weisgerber
Photo credit: Ryan Weisgerber

Sometime is can be difficult for children to communicate how the headache feels or what makes it feel better, and what makes it feel worse. Keeping a diary of when headaches occur and what the child was doing at that time can be helpful in narrowing down the triggers. A common cause for headaches in primary school-aged children is strained eyes. Around the time they start to read more regularly, the headaches can start but can also be relieved easily with a correcting pair of glasses.

Have a read through the article: Culprits in a Child’s Headaches for more insight into therapeutic options and triggers.


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