Reflexology Treatments and Women’s Health

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More light is being shone on the benefits of reflexology treatments all the time, although there remains a lot to be learned about this ancient practice.

In the article “Is There Science to Support Reflexology?” David Allan, D.C. examines some of the scientific studies that provide evidence for the very real benefits of reflexology treatments. In multiple studies, participants experienced relief from a range of issues, including one study that found reflexology to be an effective treatment for premenstrual symptoms. Participants were compared to a control group given a fake treatment, who did not experience the same relief.

Allan’s article is a good overview of the versatility of reflexology and its many applications, including in the area of women’s health. He concludes that interest in this practice is on the rise and that there are exciting new discoveries yet to be made.

Menopause and Reflexology

While mainstream scientific attention to reflexology has taken off in the last few decades, practitioners and patients are already well aware of its benefits.

Reflexologist Sarah Finlay writes about reflexology as an effective treatment to support menopausal women, writing that it “can help a woman tune into her body’s needs, highlighting imbalances and areas which need attention.” Additionally, reflexology can support women by providing “a safe space in which to relax, receive and be self-focused.”

In her article, Finlay highlights some of the general benefits of reflexology – including improved circulation and pain relief – as well as its specific applications for menopausal women, such as hormone regulation. By supporting the body physically and emotionally, reflexology treatments can have a positive effect on a wide range of symptoms.

Reflexology Treatments in Vancouver

At Broadway Wellness in Vancouver, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist Rebecca Lash offers treatments in the clinic on Saturdays and Mondays. To book an appointment visit our online booking system or call 604.732.5222 to speak with our Front Desk Team. If you have any questions about reflexology treatments in Vancouver or just want to learn more, email us at

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