Recovering from Surgery with Massage Therapy

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running-573762_640After surgery, recovery is extremely important and the post-rehabilitation period is a critical time. During this time, the body needs to regain its natural range of motion and strength. Massage therapy can help immensely during this transition period, and help you get back to feeling like yourself again as quick as possible.

Massage therapy can help improve circulation in the body and by doing so, pump more oxygen and nutrients into those parts of your area that are healing. By massaging the joints and muscles, it can aid in the recovery process and help to restore your flexibility and movement in that area. And of course, massage can help reduce general stress and anxiety and make your recovery process easier to get through.  Another important factor is the scar tissue itself.  6 weeks post-surgery is a great time to start having the scar tissue manually mobilized to break it up, soften it, and hydrate it.

When booking a treatment with an RMT, always let your therapist know of your surgical history.

For more information on massage therapy for post-surgical patients, click here.

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