Massage for our Aging Bodies from Vancouver Massage Therapy RMT Suzanne Crawford

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Massage therapy is discussed here as part of a protocol for nourishing and maintaining the human body as it goes through the later years of aging.

Although your body technically starts aging from the time you are born, as a process it will go unnoticed through your teens, 20’s and maybe 30’s.  By your mid 30′ to 40s you may begin to notice some changes. (more…)

Our Philosophy

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Some clichés are simply true, like ‘it’s all connected’.  We can look at this in the sense of the interconnectedness of the multi-faceted aspects of ourselves.  From there we can see the connections between us, each individuals, as part of a series of communities and networks: family, work, friends etc.  At Broadway Wellness, we try to reflect individual and community connection in the sense of individual practitioners offering a variety of therapies as part of a solid integrated group.  Our logo is reflective of this: a tree, being a solid stock with many branches.

The human form is multifaceted and rich in complexity, and yet we represent a unified bunch in many ways.  Broadway Wellness is a centre offering healthcare to a multifaceted, yet unified – community – we offer several modalities under one roof. (more…)

Vancouver Massage Therapy RMT: Vanessa Senecal

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Vanessa Senecal has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over five years now.  She just recently joined Broadway Wellness after an exciting volunteering adventure abroad.   Aside from doing RMT Vancouver work last spring, she was also volunteering locally with an organization called Shanti Uganda, so it seemed like an obvious choice to see if Shanti needed any volunteers in Uganda. The mission of the Shanti Uganda Society: to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of communities impacted by war, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Uganda.



As a doula, and pre/post-natal massage therapist, Vanessa was hopeful she would have some skills to share at the Maternity and Learning Centre in Uganda.  As it turned out, the time period she was hoping to volunteer coincided perfectly with the official opening of the Birth house.  It turned out to be an excellent time for the volunteer coordinator in Uganda to put Vanessa to work getting things running smoothly. (more…)

Vancouver Massage Therapy RMT: Jordana Kirkman

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Jordana Kirkman is the most recent addition to the Broadway Wellness team of RMT’s. Cousin of Monica Cleland, owner / founder of Broadway Wellness, Jordana comes with a fun personality, and a passion for her work – she has been quickly and warmly welcomed to our team. Jordana comes to the table with a brilliant mind and a passion for new information to integrate into her practice. (more…)

So we made some changes to our website …

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To start, we got ourselves a new url address – the old one ( will get you there, and will always be there for you to use… But it was very similar to that of another clinic just down the road, which has been creating some confusion – so we decided to create a new one, one that reflects who we are: it’s

We’re on Broadway, a core group of us do massage, and we do other therapy too – so it’s perfect for us, and we’d love for you to come find us using as our new preferred choice, any time.

We had our affiliate graphic designer, talented Kyle from Popgun Media ( build us a brand new website a few months ago, along with a new look and logo. The logo represents a tree, here’s why: we as therapists kind of feel like branches of the same tree sometimes: we differ slightly in our therapy and approach – yet we share the common goal of helping   people heal.


Lastly, we realized we want to share more with you – so we decided to start blogging – a little more often. You’ll notice some categories in our blog that allow you to decide between searching general news, promotions, and current events / multi-disciplinary healthcare at broadway wellness / massage therapy at broadway wellness: health tips, news, and articles. If you find articles you like, you can now instantly share them with your friends through facebook. Check out our “pain in the neck” article for a start if you’d like.

That’s all for changes .. for now. We wish you all the best this spring and summer, and invite you to come visit in the weeks and months to come.