Sitting all day? Read up on ergonomic tips!

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Vancouver RMT Article of the Week

Are you seated at a desk for the majority of your day? With your arms up typing, and your head orientated towards a computer screen? There are certain discomforts that can result from spending the day-to-day in the same position.  Click the link or read the excerpts below or some tips to make your ergonomic positioning more comfortable.  In addition to changing your ergonomics – we’re  a wellness clinic centred around a group of Vancouver RMTs here in Vancouver, so we like to focus on manual therapy as part of postural alignment and pain relief due to strained ergonomic positions.


What exactly is muscle strain?

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Vancouver RMT Article of the Week

We have all had instances where we have moved, not as our usual graceful selves, or slept funny and realized we’ve possibly strained a muscle. When we refer to having “pulled something” or “thrown out our back or neck” this can often be because of muscle strain. So, what does that mean? It is usually an injury at the junction where the muscle meets to tendon which fixes the muscle to the bone. When the muscle is activated and starts to contract and expand, this is when we feel the discomfort. How do we do it? Strain can be either over working or over stretching the muscle. It is easy to do, but there are also varying degrees of injury. (more…)

Uses and Benefits of Oil of Oregano

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Vancouver Naturopath Article of the Week: Oil of Oregano

No one wants to come down with a cold just in time for the holiday festivities, parties and family get-togethers. That’s why we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight Oil of Oregano and all that it can do for your health! (more…)

Magnesium Rich Foods

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Naturopath‘s Tip of the Week: Magnesium

This weeks post features a guest piece from Broadway Wellness’ own Dr. Krista Moyer:

Magnesium is my favourite mineral! It has so many functions in the body, & I find that people are so often showing signs of deficiency. Magnesium is the main mineral used by your adrenal glands. In a hectic life, your adrenal glands require a lot of magnesium. Your muscles also love magnesium, and when deficient, your muscles will easily feel tight, sore, and some people often experience insomnia, cramps & headaches.  Supplementing with sufficient, and highly absorbable forms of magnesium can be a great addition to your overall health.

If you’re not sure if you’re eating enough of magnesium rich foods, here’s a great little infographic on healthy foods high in magnesium.

-Dr. Krista Moyer, Naturopathic Doctor


Please check out the original post on Dr. Moyer’s site here.

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