Vancouver Massage Therapy for Headaches

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Most of us have all experienced a headache at some point. Some of us even suffer from chronic headache pain. Headaches can be extremely frustrating and often feel unbearable to deal with. Your first thought may be to grab the nearest bottle of pain medication to ease those painful symptoms. Vancouver Massage Therapy for headaches can also be an effective way to treat tension pain and even that dreaded migraine. 

Massage Therapy for Tension Headaches: 

Massage therapy helps to promote circulation which can increase blood flow and be helpful in relieving headache pain. Massage therapy directed towards the neck and shoulders, may even assist in reducing the number of tension headaches you receive. Regular massage allows one to maintain a higher level of relaxation and stress relief which can reduce the chances of getting that tension headache in the first place. Trigger point therapy can also assist in decreasing headache pain. 

Massage Therapy for Migraines: 

A migraine can have a significant impact on people’s lives as well as their daily activities. Massage Therapy has been known to reduce the frequency of regular migraines. Receiving Vancouver Massage Therapy for headaches may also reduce the intensity of your migraine. 

It is always recommended to stay hydrated and receive regular exercise to avoid headaches. Massage therapy may also be a valuable addition to reduce headache pain. 

The Vancouver RMTs at Broadway Wellness are friendly and passionate therapists who strive to work with you on your pathway to recovery and wellness. To book your next appointment please feel free to give us a call at 604-732-5222, or book online here.

Vancouver Massage Therapy for Digestion

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We have all experienced digestive issues at some point in our lives. Whether it be trouble with bloating, nausea or acid reflux, managing this can sometimes feel like an ongoing ailment with no end in sight. Instead of heading to the nearest drugstore for that over the counter remedy, why not try to improve the flow of your insides with Vancouver Massage Therapy for digestion. 

Visceral massage is an option that is not commonly used to treat digestive problems but research has shown that it can have a positive affect on people who suffer from stomach issues. Visceral massage involves the release of tension in the ligaments of the organs in the body. This is a gentle hands on treatment that works through the body’s visceral system to release abnormal tension points making sure that the organs can move and glide freely. Here at Broadway Wellness, Laura Schroeder, Mai Holmes, Maya Bleiler, Monica Cleland and Reta Nitti are all experienced with Visceral massage. 

Receiving Vancouver Massage Therapy for digestion can also help to increase circulation throughout your body which includes your digestive system. It can help to boost your immune system which can stimulate the lymphatic and and circulatory systems. Massage can release physical and emotional stress which often causes digestive issues. Whether you are looking for a flatter tummy, relief from pms symptoms or rebooting those pesky gut troubles, a massage can be an effective way to soothe your stomach and improve digestion.

Broadway Wellness is an Integrative Healthcare Clinic in Fairview near VGH, serving its communities for over 15 years. We are focused around a phenomenal group of Vancouver RMT’s, a Registered AcupuncturistNaturopathic Doctor, and Certified Reflexologist. To book your appointment click here. Or call us at 604-732-5222 and our front desk staff will be happy to assist you.

Vancouver Registered Massage Therapy in Summer

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Vancouver Registered Massage Therapy in Summer

Summer is here! This means that the days are longer and we often spend more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. Many of us are taking on extra activities and getting more exercise. This is why Summer may actually be the best time for you to get a massage. Here are 4 benefits to booking your appointment for Vancouver Registered Massage Therapy this summer: 

Soothing Exercise Pain

As we get out on the golf course, spend more time biking, walking and swimming, staying hydrated is extremely important. Seeing your massage therapist can also assist in easing those sore muscles and reducing inflammation from extra activity. 

Relief from Swelling 

The warm weather can cause many things to expand, including your joints. Regular massage is the perfect way to increase blood flow and relieve some of that inflammation.  

Disrupted Sleep Schedules 

While trying to make the most of the longer days, many of us do not get the proper recommended sleep that is needed. A massage can help to produce more melatonin and serotonin. These relaxing hormones are a wonderful way to ensure you are able to get a relaxing and restful sleep this summer. 

You Time 

We may not have as much time to ourselves as kids are home from school or we are out enjoying more social activities than normal. Booking yourself in for a massage is a great opportunity for you to get some of that valued ‘you time’ this summer. 

Broadway Wellness is a community multidisciplinary clinic focused around a group of Vancouver Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s), also offering Reflexology, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, in the VGH / Fairview / Broadway Corridor communities since 2004. You can read about our therapists here. 


Interim Massage Therapy Vancouver

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Here at Broadway Wellness, we are pleased to introduce our Interim Massage Therapy Vancouver program. This is a treatment offering from recent NON-Registered Graduates from the RMT program who are waiting to write their board exams. These treatments are discounted at $75 per hour. Our Interim Massage Therapists have all of the training and qualifications of a Registered Massage Therapist. Please note that their treatments cannot be billed to extended health benefits or MSP at this time. Our interims are skilled therapists who are inspired to treat clients, and also learn from the established RMT’s in our therapeutic clinic, while they wait to write their board exams. If you enjoy having massage treatments and don’t have extended benefits, or wish to make your benefits last through the fiscal year, consider some treatments with an INTERIM Massage Therapist. Meet our Interim Massage Therapists below and Click here to book an appointment!

Hailey is a recent graduate from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Hailey enjoyed the outdoors and playing all sports growing up including competitive volleyball, recreational soccer and basketball. Hailey’s athletic experience, and working in the healthcare field as a Medical Office Assistant for Vancouver Island Health Authority, allowed her to recognize her passion for working with people in a physical capacity. After some sporting injuries, Hailey learned the importance in rehab and preventative care first hand. This experience had her taking serious initiative into recovering her body and injuries through therapeutic treatment and relaxation. She is a strong believer that having a well rounded and supportive group of health care professionals/therapists is essential. This ultimately led her to her passion of Massage Therapy. Hailey also has experience in orthopedic injuries, prenatal care, central nervous system and systemic health conditions.


Colin grew up in Burnaby playing all kinds of sports. He played baseball in college where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts. This led him to perform in musicals across Canada for 13 years. Colin found success in working with massage therapists to improve his recovery and performance in dance and athletics so he enrolled in Vancouver College’s Massage Therapy program where he recently graduated with honours. He is currently doing bodywork and studying while waiting to write the Board Examinations in September. Colin is interested in working all along the kinetic chain to help achieve better function and reduced pain. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, a new injury or just relaxation Colin would be happy to work with you.


Vancouver Registered Massage Therapist, Kathryn Pattison

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We are very excited to welcome Kathryn (Katie) Pattison, Vancouver Registered Massage Therapist to the Broadway Wellness team.

Katie has passion for movement and the connection between the mind and body. With a background as a competitive figure skater, she knew what dedication, passion and love for sport felt like. Inspired by her own experiences, she knew Massage Therapy was a natural progression in her journey to help others. She takes a holistic approach to healthcare and integrates the whole body when considering a treatment plan best for you. Katie finds joy in creating a client-centric experience that promotes personal wellness.

Eager to grow her practice, she has a special interest in myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques, joint mobilizations, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitated stretching and incorporating active modalities to best address tension. She helps patients achieve their goals through a number of techniques as well as an individualized home care treatment plan to assist in the journey.

Katie is available at Broadway Wellness on Mondays & Tuesdays 2:30pm-8:30pm, Wednesdays & Thursdays 8:00am-2:00pm. She looks forward to meeting you!  You can book your RMT appointment with Katie here.