Reflexology in Vancouver with Rebecca Lash

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Rebecca Lash – Certified Bodywork Practitioner & Registered Reflexology Therapist

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific areas of the feet and hands. This ancient form of massage can help with relaxation, pain relief and improve overall wellness. Listed below are some of the many benefits to booking a Reflexology appointment in Vancouver with Rebecca Lash: (more…)

Deep Tissue Massage in Vancouver

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Are your muscles feeling sore and achy from your manual labour job? Do your neck and shoulders tense up regularly from working at a desk all day? Perhaps you live an active lifestyle and need a little TLC after a long afternoon outside. Deep tissue massage in Vancouver is designed to relieve tension and pain in the deeper layers of the muscles and fascia connective tissues. (more…)

Massage Therapy for Surgical Scars & Digestive Challenges

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You would not necessarily link your abdominal surgical scar to digestive concerns you may have developed after the fact, but in some cases there can be a direct link.  The connective tissue, or fascia, in our abdominal cavity is a series of connected sheets of slippery, sliding tissue, there to protect and allow freedom of our digestive and reproductive organs.  (more…)

Massage Therapy in Vancouver for Self Care

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January and February tends to be the time of year where people are feeling exhausted from the holidays and frustrated by all of the rain and chilly weather that we receive. With spring still a few months away, you may even be feeling a case of the winter blues. Massage Therapy in Vancouver for self care is a wonderful of way to take care of our bodies and start to feel cheerful again.  (more…)