Osteopathy and Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

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Osteopathy has been a modality that was founded by a physician and surgeon named Andrew Taylor Still in the late 1800’s. He believed that in order to achieve optimal health all parts of the body needed to work harmoniously together. A school was formed, students were eager to learn and the demand was high.

Fast forward to 2020 and Osteopathy is an ever growing modality that has been able to treat a variety of health conditions including sciatica nerve pain.

Sciatic pain is a common complaint where there is intense pain radiating down the leg due to a bulging disc. There is no main cause of Sciatica as each body comes with its own make up for functioning. Some causes that have been attributed to sciatica pain are: Pressure on the nerve due to swelling around the nerve from sprained inflamed joints, intervertebral disc bulge or herniation, bony spurs from joint degeneration or arthritis, but it can also caused by tension in the piriformis muscle, which is a muscle in the middle of your buttocks which the nerve either travels through or under (there are anatomical variants).

As the causes of sciatica pain can vary from person to person Osteopathy is an excellent modality for treatment.  Your practitioner will do an examination of how all components in your body are functioning to assess where the sciatica pain may be coming from. Osteopathic practitioners work gently through touch, direct manipulation along with the rhythms of the body including an assessment of all internal organs to create ease on the vertebrae that is creating pressure on the nerve. They will be able to cater a specific treatment to your needs in accordance with their findings in addition to home care that could keep you feeling relieved for a longer period of time.

This article gives more of an in depth look into the treatment, causes and symptoms of Sciatica pain and how the practice of Osteopathy can be an effective treatment for your pain.


Broadway Wellness is happy to have Alison Ritchie, an Osteopathic Practitioner here in Vancouver who works at Broadway Wellness Monday and Tuesdays. Starting in September she will be working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and alternating Fridays. Broadway Wellness also has three Vancouver RMT’s: Laura Schroeder, Cara Marks, and Kyla McCaig – all in training to become Osteopathic Practitioners.

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