Uses and Benefits of Oil of Oregano

Vancouver Naturopath Article of the Week: Oil of Oregano

No one wants to come down with a cold just in time for the holiday festivities, parties and family get-togethers. That’s why we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight Oil of Oregano and all that it can do for your health!

A multifaceted weapon to have in your natural health arsenal, oil of oregano is an anti-microbial, an anti-inflammatory, a pain killer, and an antioxidant. An all-in-one!

Natural Factors posted their top five uses for oregano oil which include: acne, athlete’s foot & nail fungus, bug bites, burns, and headaches. Seasonally, we can all say that the cold and flu are the more cumbersome and frustrating around this time of the year. While this didn’t quite make the top five list, oil of oregano is sure common here too.

oreganoDr. Krista Moyer recommends, “Oil of oregano – great for colds – always start treatment at the first sign of symptoms. You can take Oil of Oregano orally, directly into the mouth – but it may burn. I find I always do it direct, but you can also add it to a small amount of unsweetened juice, water, or even a carrier oil (eg. coconut or olive oil, say 1 tsp or less). Start small- 1-3 drops – especially if you’re not familiar with the strength of Oil of Oregano. Following that you can take 3-6 drops. Begin to take it at the first sign of a cold and dose every 2-4 hours, as needed.”

If you have any other questions about your health, or how to take Oil of Oregano please get in touch with your Vancouver Naturopath, such as Dr. Krista Moyer or Dr. Mark Cseszko- our two amazing docs at Broadway Wellness!

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Happy Healthy Holidays!

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