Open Up Your Chest for Proper Posture

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Photo: Rachel Kramer, Flickr

Photo: Rachel Kramer, Flickr

If you want to improve your posture and avoid that ever creeping hunchback look, holding a vertical frame is achieved by balancing out your upper body via increasing your upper back strength and stretching out the front of the body so you can stand tall.  To get the most benefits of balancing the relationship between the front of the body and the upper back, you need to start by opening up the chest.

Most of the physical actions we make are in front of us, so after years of repetition our chest muscles naturally become tighter and start to restrict our chest and arm flexibility.  When the time comes that you make the conscious decision to stand up straight and tall, you pull your shoulders back, pinching your shoulder blades together and presto – instant proper posture!  The reality is that most likely you haven’t improved your posture and are simply holding your shoulders back without opening up your chest at all.

The path to true proper posture is to condition the muscles with the right kinds of stretches and exercises over time.  Check out this article for some basic yoga moves that will help you develop the muscle memory, strength, and flexibility in your chest and upper back for the pleasing health benefits of correct posture.


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