NSA Chiropractic and Stress

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Stress affects us from every angle and in many cases has become the daily norm.  Living with chronic stress can have a devastating effect on our lives by causing anxiety and depression, among many other serious health problems.  Understanding who we are, addressing our struggles and putting them in perspective can help us to take action in dealing with the known killer that is stress.

How stress is dealt with varies from person to person, and the answer to why is complex and includes many factors that can range from genetics to personal history.  Many of the answers to how you in particular respond to stress lie within the history of trauma that is stored within your nervous system.  Through the practice of Network Spinal Analysis trauma can be identified and released helping you to reverse the imprint of lifetime stressful events, resulting in the restoration of your nervous system to it’s proper function.
Read more here about what NSA is and how it can help you achieve your ultimate health goals.
Broadway Wellness is a Vancouver Registered Massage Therapy, Vancouver Chiropractic with Network Spinal Analysis, and Vancouver Naturopathic Medicine healthcare clinic that has been in business for over ten years serving the Fairview District, between Cambie and Oak, in Vancouver B.C.


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