Should I be supplementing with Collagen?

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This week’s post features a guest piece from Broadway Wellness’ own Dr. Krista Moyer:

Since the flood of collagen supplements on the market today, I get asked quite often about the reported, vs actual benefits/results of taking collagen as a supplement.

Firstly, there are different TYPES of collagen. Five types. Each type is involved in slightly different functions in the body, which also have many overlapping functions. When taking collagen, it needs to be in an absorbable form. Without being hydrolyzed into a small enough molecule, it will not be absorbed.

When it comes to joint support, there are many studies showing the benefits of taking oral collagen. When it comes to skin health, there is only a modest sampling of studies.

Here is a great article very clearly explaining the differences in collagen, & their actions in the body, along with suggested brands.


-Dr. Krista Moyer, Naturopathic Doctor


Please check out the original post on Naturopath Dr. Moyer’s site here.

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