Natural Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

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Photo credit: Andrei Niemimäki, Flickr

Photo credit: Andrei Niemimäki, Flickr

Whether it be in the form of chocolate, candy, or pop, most of us crave sugar in some form or another. Sugar is almost unavoidable in our daily lives, and the more we consume, the more we crave. However, too much can have a negative effect on our health and well-being.

There are a few natural ways to help curb those sugar cravings:

  1. L-Glutamine
  2. Protein and good fats to stop carbohydrate cravings when you’re low on energy
  3. Plan meals ahead of time and eat them when hungry rather than impulse snacking
  4. Exercise, which releases some of the same endorphins that sugary snacks do
  5. Get enough sleep, which helps balance blood sugar and hormone levels
  6. Chromium – check with your doctor first.
  7. B-Vitamins, which help with carbohydrate metabolism

All of the above suggestions can help to curb that desire for sugar. For more information on how to beat sugar cravings, read this article.

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