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If you’ve ever been to the symphony, a rock concert, a basement jazz club, or a New York City subway station, you’ve witnessed the awe-inspiring skills of professional musicians.  Whether they are playing a guitar, a horn, drums, piano, or violin, they are moving quickly, precisely, sometimes furiously, and for hours on end.  On top of that, what you’re not seeing is the thousands of hours of practice it took to develop these skills.  Musicians will literally perform millions of repetitive motions in their careers oftentimes in difficult and awkward positions.  This can and almost always will cause strain, injury, soreness, pain, and ultimately suffering.  These “Small Muscle Athletes” truly suffer for your entertainment!

Check out this blog about how massage therapy helps musicians suffering from chronic pain and muscle stiffness maintain the physical wellness to continue to master their instruments and tirelessly entertain music lovers.

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